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Truth Be Told

Aug 17, 2018

The Clear-Hearers is the story of an investigation. It is the true story of visitation and messages from an incredibly powerful source. It recounts the author’s lifelong investigation into the identity of the Great Voice and it depicts the struggles of many Clear-Hearers—historical figures who experienced the Great...

Aug 10, 2018

Whitley Strieber, renowned author of "Communion," and his recent book "The Afterlife Revolution". meets with Truth Be Told at the Conscious Life Expo, where Captain Ron and Whitley talks openingly about his latest book and abduction experience.

Aug 4, 2018

Australian spiritual teacher, Elizabeth Peru talks about how the current Cosmic Energy might appear to be a crazy and unbalanced but Elizabeth thinks this was exactly how it was suppose to be so America can see itself for the first time.  We also talked about the current Mercury Retrograde and how this particular...

Jul 28, 2018

Joshua P. Warren, Investigator, Best Selling Author and Research talks with Tony and Captain Ron about his discovery of a possible Time Warp outside of Las Vegas.  He explains what he found and how a device DT Meter helped him discover a possible Time Warp.  Check out his site at

Jul 11, 2018

Dr. Joe Gallenberger teaces us the principles of manifestation by using bemi-sync and applying a raised level of energy to the casino game of craps.  Win and Vegas Baby!